Work Package 2

The design cycle will be based on a thorough understanding of the physiology of human gait, and of how in SCI patients with lesions on different levels, the lesion induced impairments effect gait.

Existing approaches (mainly on healthy gait) will be used, combined, and extended by means of experiments to validate models, and identify model parameters. If we understand the neuro-mechanics of human gait, we can build in the neural and biomechanical functions into the personalised wearable exoskeletons to compensate for the impairments in SCI patients, such as weakness and spasms.


• Foundational knowledge of human motor control of walking and of human adaptation to robotic support in healthy control and SCI subjects.

• New methods to quantify impairments underlying gait disorders in SCI patients.

• Validated models of the neuro-mechanics of normal and SCI human gait.

• Validated patient specific models of pathophysiological gait in SCI subjects.


Responsible partner:

Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine