Work Package 5

In SYMBITRON we will use existing hardware, virtual prototyping, and patient in the loop simulations to iteratively evaluate and optimise new concepts of wearable exoskeleton design (Objective B), neuro-muscular human inspired controllers (Objective C), and bi-directional symbiotic interaction between patient and wearable exoskeleton. For the human in the loop simulations we will use the haptic gait trainer LOPES II to render alternative virtual prototypes, controller and machinehuman interface solutions. LOPES II can also be used simultaneously as safe training environment and provide additional support according to the assist as needed paradigm, especially to maintain balance. Human behaviour (e.g. kinematics, muscle activity, generated torques) will be analysed in real time to evaluate and optimise different concepts. This data will be used by optimisation routines that allow coevolution
of design, control, and bi-directional interface.

• Framework to co-optimise wearable exoskeleton design & control and man-machine symbiotic interactions by human in the loop simulations of virtual prototypes and neuro-muscular controllers.
• Foundational knowledge of optimal human-wearable exoskeleton bi-directional symbiotic interaction.
• Optimal solutions for personalised exoskeleton design and control, and bi-directional interfaces.
• Technological solutions to human-wearable exoskeleton interaction.


Responsible partner:

University of Twente