Work Package 4

Based on the insights and developed neuromuscular models from Objective A, neuro-muscular controllers will be created for the wearable exoskeletons designed in Objective B. These controllers will be first tested and optimised by simulations of (impeded) gait and by making use of torque controlled bipedal robot (COMAN), after which they will be further optimised through human in the loop simulations (Objective D)

• An inventory of the essential features of neuro-muscular controllers useful for bipedal robots and wearable exoskeletons.
• Neuromuscular adaptive controllers.
• Neuromuscular controlled biped robot (COMAN).
• Neuromuscular controlled haptic gait trainer (LOPES II).
• Neuromuscular controlled personalised SYMBITRON wearable exoskeletons.


Responsible partner:

Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne