Work Package 3

Each exoskeleton design will be personalised based on the insights and patient specific models (objective A) of the pathology of SCI patients. We will create a toolset of exoskeleton components to facilitate a modular design approach in which each exoskeleton is customised to the individual patient characteristics.

• Toolbox with a set of standard wearable exoskeleton components that consists of various novel actuation principles, sensors, control modules, battery pack, and sensory substitution devices.
• Novel exoskeleton principles, such as semi-active multi articular elastic tendons.
• Twelve conceptual1 designs, models, and prototypes of personalised wearable exoskeletons for SCI patients with lower lesions (n=5, with some voluntary control of their hips) and six for SCI patient with higher lesions (n=5, with no voluntary control of their hips).

Responsible partner:

Technical University Delft