University of Twente


The UT Biomechanical Engineering group (BME) is specialised in the application area of Biomedical Technology. The research aims focuses on the interaction between the human motor system and medical devices that support this system. The result of this research is applied in the development of innovative devices. The research programmes are entirely embedded in the Institute for Technical Medicine and Biomedical Technology (MIRA) that is leading in biomedical technology research in areas ranging from biomechatronics and neural engineering to tissue engineering. It was established in order to increase research efforts regarding the integration of technology in medicine. It was recently ranked worldwide as the fifth best institute in bioengineering (Quantitative Ranking of Engineering Disciplines (QRED). In each research project, at least one clinical partner participates. UT has strong collaborations with rehab centres, research institutes and biomedical companies all over the world, including the Roessingh Rehabilitation Centre and Roessingh R&D in Enschede (NL), St Maartenskliniek (NL), MOOG Robotics (NL), TUDelft (NL), EPFL (CH), and Northwestern University (USA).