Santa Lucia Foundation

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Santa Lucia Foundation (FSL) is one of the most prestigious private, no-profit neurological rehabilitation hospital and biomedical research centres in Italy. Santa Lucia Hospital is the largest rehabilitation hospital of the centre-south of Italy with 300 beds. FSL research laboratories and departments cover a broad range of fields and approaches in the neurosciences, including neuroimaging, neurophysiology, neuropsychology, neurochemistry, and molecular neurobiology. Its scientific productivity is among the highest in the Italian neuroscience community. Neurorehabilitation department A and the Clinical Laboratory of Experimental Neurorehabilitation (CLEN) of are the FSL units participating. The long-term goal of the Department A of Neurorehabilitation with the associated Spinal Cord section and research labs is to understand the principles and neural bases of recovery after brain and spinal cord damage. Currently, research focus is on recovery after Stroke and Spinal Cord Lesions (SCL). FSL participates/participated in the following EU-funded projects: MINDWALKER (STREP, FP7), TOBI (IP, FP7), and BETTER (STREP,FP7)